Re: GnuB needs Script-Fu Sensei

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Glad something helped :)

I thought your first question was whether it was an array of x/y lists
or an array of values. Either way, glad you worked it out.

Rob A.

On 9/6/08, Dalton S. Spence <dalton.spence@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Friday, September 05, 2008 9:05 AM, "Rob Antonishen"
> <rob.antonishen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote
>> Hia Dalton!
>> 1) Set the control points the same as the anchor points for straight
>> segments,
>> 2) They aren't schemem pairs, it is a just a big list.  So for a three
>> straight segment bezier this is an example:
>> #( 100 100 100 100 100 100 300 199 300 199 300 199 141 250 141 250 141
>> 250 )
>> where it is really (P1x P1y P1x P1y P1x P1y P2x P2y P2x P2y P2x P2y P3x
>> P3y
>> P3x P3y P3x P3y)
> It turns out this is an "array" data type, which is functionally different
> than a "list" and which was originally called a "vector" in Scheme (just to
> keep things totally confusing ;)).
>> 3) The last parameter for gimp-vectors-stroke-new-from-points is the
>> closed
>> Boolean.  Just set it true in your case.
> I knew that. What I was asking (due to an odd experience while trying to
> draw a pentagram manually) was whether the last implied side of the polygon
> would be stroked. However, testing on the Script-Fu console showed it would.
>> The best thing I found (running on windows) was to a) Open up a script-fu
>> console and play with simple images/objects to see what they commands look
>> like/return - I have been burned by not CARing returned layers for
>> example)
>> and to b) run gimp in console mode (gimp --console-messages) so you can
>> send
>> debug messages out to the console using (gimp-message "foobar")
> Now this is what I meant about needing the advice of a Script-Fu Sensei; the
> first part seems perfectly obvious once you read it (but not before
> unfortunately) while the second revealed an option I didn't know existed
> (and will use once I get to that stage). Experimenting with the PDB and
> script console revealed an interesting oddity; even when a procedure returns
> only a single value, it does so as a one element list which has to be CARed
> to extract it. I think this could be important enough to be mentioned in the
> scripting documentation pages the next time they are updated. <hint />
> --
> Dalton "who will be asking more questions once he gets some sleep" Spence

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