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I need help (which is no surprise to anyone who knows me ;)). I'm new
to Script-Fu, and I want to use (gimp-vectors-stroke-new-from-points)
to draw a five pointed star for a pentagram. I can calculate the five
vertex points, but the PDB description says "Each Bezier segment
endpoint (anchor, A) has two additional control points (C) associated.
They are specified in the order CACCACCAC..." I need to know three things:

1. What do I use as "additional control points" so the lines remain
uncurved? (Bezier curve "control points" confuse me.)

2. The description defines a control point as "a pair of float values
for the x- and y-coordinate." Does this mean each "pair" is enclosed
in parentheses or not? ("Pair" has a particular meaning in Scheme, so
I'm not sure.) Is the entire "list" of points so enclosed?

3. In a closed polygon, is the "open" line between the starting and
ending points marked when the vector is "stroked"? (If not, I'll need
to add the starting point to the end of the list.)

I'm trying to understand Script-Fu, but the available documentation
doesn't make it easy. Any help from one of the "black belts" of
Script-Fu would be greatly appreciated.


Dalton "when you can take the Java bean from my hand, then it will be
time to leave" Spence

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