Re: GnuB needs Script-Fu Sensei

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Hia Dalton!

1) Set the control points the same as the anchor points for straight

2) They aren't schemem pairs, it is a just a big list.  So for a three
straight segment bezier this is an example:

#( 100 100 100 100 100 100 300 199 300 199 300 199 141 250 141 250 141 250 )

where it is really (P1x P1y P1x P1y P1x P1y P2x P2y P2x P2y P2x P2y P3x P3y
P3x P3y P3x P3y)

3) The last parameter for gimp-vectors-stroke-new-from-points is the closed
Boolean.  Just set it true in your

The best thing I found (running on windows) was to a) Open up a script-fu
console and play with simple images/objects to see what they commands look
like/return - I have been burned by not CARing returned layers for example)
and to b) run gimp in console mode (gimp --console-messages) so you can send
debug messages out to the console using (gimp-message "foobar")

-Rob A>

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 1:50 AM, dalton_spence <dalton.spence@xxxxxxxx>wrote:

>   I need help (which is no surprise to anyone who knows me ;)). I'm new
> to Script-Fu, and I want to use (gimp-vectors-stroke-new-from-points)
> to draw a five pointed star for a pentagram. I can calculate the five
> vertex points, but the PDB description says "Each Bezier segment
> endpoint (anchor, A) has two additional control points (C) associated.
> They are specified in the order CACCACCAC..." I need to know three things:
> 1. What do I use as "additional control points" so the lines remain
> uncurved? (Bezier curve "control points" confuse me.)
> 2. The description defines a control point as "a pair of float values
> for the x- and y-coordinate." Does this mean each "pair" is enclosed
> in parentheses or not? ("Pair" has a particular meaning in Scheme, so
> I'm not sure.) Is the entire "list" of points so enclosed?
> 3. In a closed polygon, is the "open" line between the starting and
> ending points marked when the vector is "stroked"? (If not, I'll need
> to add the starting point to the end of the list.)
> I'm trying to understand Script-Fu, but the available documentation
> doesn't make it easy. Any help from one of the "black belts" of
> Script-Fu would be greatly appreciated.
> --
> Dalton "when you can take the Java bean from my hand, then it will be
> time to leave" Spence

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