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Chad Jones wrote:
> When I run my current rev of my current script-fu program and I turn on 
> tracing it can print out text files 10MB, 17MB or even more. This is 
> just for portions of the program I am testing. I imagine if I tested the 
> entire program it would be well over 100MB. Now I was wondering how do 
> you limit the size of these text files?

Don't turn on tracing at the start of a scripts execution and leave it on for 
the entire script unless you really want to see the script execution in 
excrutiating detail. It is better to turn tracing on and off as needed. Just 
be careful about using it just before the end of a routine or you may find you 
are returning the value from turning off tracing instead of the variable/value 
you wanted to return.

> Also, I know you can redirect input out to other locations. I'm on a 
> UNIX system (Mac OS X) I wonder if redirecting directly to console log 
> (syslog) is possible? Or what other redirections are possible? Is this 
> documented and if so where?

If the tracing output is being sent to the console, you can redirect it to a 
file as you would any output being sent to stdout.


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