Tracing spits out enormous output

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When I run my current rev of my current script-fu program and I turn on tracing it can print out text files 10MB, 17MB or even more.  This is just for portions of the program I am testing.  I imagine if I tested the entire program it would be well over 100MB.  Now I was wondering how do you limit the size of these text files?  They can become cumbersome to handle such large files.   How I do things now is I turn tracing on with ( tracing 1 ) then when I have a fatal error I call: (gimp-message-set-handler 2) followed by (throw "Assertion Failed").  Can I limit the amount of output printed to only what I'm interested in?  Seems no matter where I call tracing it prints out all the tracing code from first execution of the program.  I think this might be because I'm calling throw to throw the exception.

Also, I know you can redirect input out to other locations.  I'm on a UNIX system (Mac OS X) I wonder if redirecting directly to console log (syslog) is possible?  Or what other redirections are possible?  Is this documented and if so where?  

Thanks. :)

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