Newbie: How to get image object after plug_in_clipboard_paste_as_new

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I'm doing my first script and i have a problem.
I load an image into Gimp 2.2, I make a selection and my script must
paste the selection into a new image and save this new picture into a
specific file.

My question is how to get the image object after the command :

I'm sure it's easy but i can't find it.

Thank's a lot

Here is my script :

(define (script-fu-hello-world img drawable)
    (set! draw (car (gimp-image-active-drawable img)))
    (gimp-edit-copy draw)
    (plug-in-clipboard-paste-as-new 0)  

(script-fu-register "script-fu-test"
     "Copy selection and paste it into a new jpeg file"
     "Jf PERRIN <zz@xxxxx>"
     "Jean-François PERRIN"
     SF-IMAGE "Input Image" 0
     SF-DRAWABLE "Input Drawable" 0)
(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-test"

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