Re: Newbie: How to get image object after plug_in_clipboard_paste_as_new

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jeff.perrin wrote:
> I'm doing my first script and i have a problem.
> I load an image into Gimp 2.2, I make a selection and my script must
> paste the selection into a new image and save this new picture into a
> specific file.
> My question is how to get the image object after the command :
> plug-in-clipboard-paste-as-new
> Here is my script :
> (plug-in-clipboard-paste-as-new 0)

Are you certain about which version of GIMP you are using? I can't find an API 
entry 'plug-in-clipboard-paste-as-new' in either the 2.2 or SVN versions.

The best thing to do is check the procedure browser which documents the API. 
It shows the arguments needed and the return values. If you check, I think you 
will find that the function returns a new image ID.


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