Nee help debugging this, please.

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I'm working on a script to align one layer with another by scaling, 
translating, and rotating the layer such that two points on that 
layer align with two points on any other layer.  I uploaded the 
script to the experimental files folder here

When this script tries to load, I keep getting an error that says 

ERROR:  not a symbol or a string (see errobj)

I've been over the script several times and am not sure what could be 
causing this error.  I've run all of the math expressions through the 
script-fu console (GIMP 2.2.13) and they all work.

Any help would be appreciated.

I also have two other questions.

1.  How do you raise a number to a power in Scheme?  I've tried (expt 
z1 z2) to raise z1 to the z2 power, but the expt function doesn't 
appear to be recognized.

2.  What exactly do I do when the error messages say (see errobj)?  
I'm sure this is telling me how to find more details about my 
particular error, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

Thanks ..... Mark

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