Total scheme newbie needs help...

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I have a set of scanned images of book pages that I want to
clean up. They are the right size, but have black 'shadows'
around the edges which I want to remove. I've figured out
the steps I need to do:

1. gimp-rect-select to select the whole image

2. gimp-rect-select to subtract the middle part where
    the text is

3. gimp-edit-fill to fill the selected area with white

What I can't figure out from the tutorials I found online is
how to make the script act on the current image rather than
having to create the image first. The answer is probably
obvious to the literate...


/BP 8^)
   B.Philip Jonsson mailto:melrochX@xxxxxxxxxx (delete X)
"Truth, Sir, is a cow which will give [skeptics] no more milk,
and so they are gone to milk the bull."
                                     -- Sam. Johnson (no rel. ;)

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