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Jim Sabatke wrote:
> I've tried the latest lab-wow.scm scripts from the yahoo site on gimp
> 2.3.15 and I get the following error at load time:
> script-fu-Warning: Error while executing
> (load "/home/jim/.gimp-2.3/scripts/lab-wow.scm")
> Has this script been "fixed" for tiny scheme?

It hasn't been fixed yet. It contains a lot of set! calls on variables that 
were not previously defined. The first three 'set!' calls in the script for 
the '*-LIST' variables need to be changed to 'define'. The variables of 
gray-img, A-LAYER, B-LAYER, and L-LAYER need to be defined in the let block 
for 'script-fu-labwow'. There may be other variables that aren't defined 
properly. That is as far as I've checked.


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