Re: Why script fu have not a preview? this is the answer!

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    Michael Schumacher <schumaml@xxxxxx>wrote(i quote) 
    <Proposing a sane description for the implementation andpreferably
    <coming up with a patch is the best way to get new features into GIMP.
    I'm a user not a developer: i get no idea how to make a "sane  descrition for the implementation" even less i'm able to "coming up  with a patch"
    ...And ,i'm sure of this ,i was not shouting,
    i just discover why a lot of (in my opinion)very useful plugin have not much usability(FOR SIMPLE USERS LIKE ME)
     (usability is not supposed to be one of the main goal of next Gimp  releases?  Users can try to say something about or only the "expert in  usability" will be listened ? )
     i really know A LOT of users that could not use "script fu"  scripts  for this very reason...I THINK THIS IS A PITY FOR BOTH USERS AND SCRIPT  FU... and i'm trying, in the most kind and polite way allowed by my  very poor english to ask if there is a way to solve this...what is  wrong?
    I'm not tryng to disturb your work...(i just discovered few days ago  that i can use some useful script only because YOU was so kind to port  them from Gimp 1.2 to the 2, i thank you for this)
  Users like me usually  think that most the downloadable script  don't display a preview because script -fu writers don't give a damn to  offer one ... they can  immagine how different algoritms could change a imagine so they don't  strictly need a preview...So when i suddenly discovered that  WAS  NOT IN THIS WAY i told  myself, "hey maybe some other users was ignorant like me and most of my  friends is better they know more about" and i send that message,
  Script-fu forum was a strange place to do it, i know...very few "simple  users" here... , but there is a sudden discovery was in  some way linked to a answer from this forum ..but i'm a painter  ...really i can hardly spot any difference between a tiny fu script and  a danish shopping list...
  ( I can spot some difference only because if i put a danish shopping  list in the GIMP script folder it will not do any good to my Gimp  workflow and even some nasty error message will  pop up)
  I quote
    <Duplicate reports and lots of "me too" messages don't do <any good. They
    <might even have the opposite effect, especially if traced <back to your attempt to make people flood Bugzilla.
    For a simple user send a report to Bugzilla is not a easy task's a time wasting experience...Form to be filled for  registration, to be activeted to be done ...tecnical  question to be answered..all in a very tecnical english.
    For this reasons i don't think "SIMPLE USERS" will never,never flood bugzilla
                                                  ...,if  some similar report will come this will
    only mean ,I suppose, that a lot of people is concerned with the same  problem ... more people concerned with a problem will bring to "have  the opposite effect"? ...Well " NO COMMENT "about!
    <...especially if traced back to your attempt to make people flood Bugzilla>.
    NO ANY ATTEMPT!!!... I JUST SAY instead than flood the  script fu  writers that cannot do nothing about send some report in the right  place...IF THE RIGHT PLACE IS NOT BUGZILLA I BEG YOU PARDON....but are you really sure  that users suggestion sometimes are not useful...?
    I quote again
    <The best place for this message, in its current form, <would have been
    <your drafts folder for further refinement
    Sorry english is not my motherlanguage i just did my best..if somebody else  could perform a "further refinement" i will be thankful and i grant him from now my  permission to replace with it my original message...
  IF something seem  too rude or offensive toward the Gimp developer team,in this or in my  previus message,that was not my will, must due to my ignorance of english language...i really  appreciate your work and i thank you for this...I really try to give my  contribuition (users feedback could be a contribuition?...i hope so! ) for  a better gimp...I hope i will not pushed toward" the opposite result"

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