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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Carol Spears <carol@xxxx> wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 02:25:57PM -0000, michaelhoelzende wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > I'm rather new to GIMP, and escpecially concerning script-fu/SIOD.
> > So here's my question:
> > Is there a kind of "script-fu-with-GIMP language manual" containing
> > the valid functions, commands and constants as well as the error codes
> > and messages?
> > For example i really don't know how error/error escape handling is
> > done with script-fu/GIMP.
> > 
> it is well known that gimp script-fu (maybe SIOD itself) has not very
> good error messages.
> the best way to find the gimp-specific commands is from the script-fu
> console/browser located at <Toolbox>/Xtns/Script-Fu.  get the console
> open and there is a Browse button that is very useful.
> there are several tutorials online, give any search engine the words
> "gimp script-fu how to" or "gimp script-fu" or "gimp script-fu tutorial"
> or even look at the gimps web site
> a search for SIOD on those same search engines might be able to help
> with the non-gimp parts of the scripting.
> carol
Thanks, carol.

That's what i did the last weeks. Reading various tutorials and other
stuff. I know there are hundreds of them. Older (1994)and newer ones
(2004). Good and bad. "GIMP basic scheme", "Teach Yourself scheme in
fixnum days", "SIOD, Scheme in One Defun", "A Scheme Tutorial for Gimp
Users by Dov Grobgeld" and others which are really good. As well as
GIMP PDB Doc descriptions, viewcvs at gnome, developers sites, libgimp
- descriptions such as LIBGIMP library reference manual, a lot of
scripts already have been written for GIMP and so on...

And i'm using the Script-fu console as well as the batch mode.

What i'm looking for are descriptions of the valid statements,
functions and so on which may be used with scheme for GIMP and of the
error codes and messages (e.g. "wta to cdr see errobj). i think it
want's to tell me that there has been a type mismatch. it's not really
verbose. i've done a car errobj and cdr but that doesn't seem to be
the right way to get more information about an error...

A second example: trying to load a file which doesn't exist. How can i
prevent the error handler to send a message to GIMP_MESSAGE_BOX,
GIMP_CONSOLE or GIMP_ERROR_CONSOLE rather than to send it to my
function. kind of "(if (file-exists? myfile) (delete-file myfile))".

I haven't found that. I really haven't found that much about valid
statements, error handling/exception handling for scheme/GIMP at all.


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