Re: Name space leakage

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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Kevin Cozens <kcozens@xxxx> wrote:
> lasm.rm wrote:
> > Long ago there was a discussion about name space leaking in 
> > Seems like variables and functions names in a script are visible 
> > globally, causing potential name collision with other scripts 
> > there.
> > 
> > Is this going to be the same with tiny-fu, or is there some 
> > enhancement to contain the name within the script itself ?
> The SIOD interpreter used in Script-Fu allows local variables to 
be accessed 
> globally. The interepreter used in Tiny-Fu doesn't have that 
problem. Local 
> variables are only accessible locally.

Great ! Looking forward to finally having local variables without 
stepping on other's toes..

> The current design of Script-Fu and Tiny-Fu is such that all 
available scripts 
> are read in to memory when the plug-in starts. A public function 
defined in 
> one file will be available to be called from any other file.
> If two or more files contain public function(s) with the same name 
> different code, there will be a problem. The last version of a 
public function 
> read in during startup will be the version of the function that 
will be seen 
> by scripts at run time.
> All functions defined in a file should be made private unless you 
know they 
> will be needed by another script. This will prevent one script 
from breaking 
> when a new script is added or another script is changed.
> -- 
> Cheers!
> Kevin.

   Any improvements in the UI ? How about some decorative items, 
like text labels, or separator lines to group related options 
together ?

   I was hopping to see a conditional UI element, yeah.. i know, 
asking for too much...;-) For example, something like an inactive 
slider, which will be enabled, say, if a user selects another 


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