RE: genhdlist issue?

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Right.  This is usually a sign that the RPM names are not in synch with the
"list" file in the /base directory.  What the installer does is take the
generic names from the "packages.*" file, grep against the "list" file to
get a fully specified name, and then does a specific get request using that
name.  That avoids having to parse FTP/HTTP server output, so if all the
files are correct, any server type will work, including Windows.  My list
file is 30432 bytes long, with an md5sum of
5fcec5ab75e6531a9354e8fbf6f1679e.  If the RPM files in your RPMS directory
don't match what is in that file, that is your problem.

Run this from the /base directory:

for file in `cat list`
 do if [ ! -f ../RPMS/$file ]
    then echo $file does not exist

Mark Post

-----Original Message-----
From: Marco Shaw []
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 8:20 PM
To: Post, Mark K
Subject: RE:  genhdlist issue?

> What does your HTTP logs have to say about the requests for packages that
> "whizzed by?"  Were those 200 or 404 return codes?

404s in the access_log.  It is the correct location since a few RPMS did

[Sun Jan 05 20:56:38 2003] [error] [client] File does not
exist: /home/marco/s390/RedHat/RPMS/metamail-2.7-28.s390.rpm
[Sun Jan 05 20:56:39 2003] [error] [client] File does not
exist: /home/marco/s390/RedHat/RPMS/ucd-snmp-4.2.3-

...snip... - - [05/Jan/2003:20:56:38 -0400] "GET
/s390/RedHat/RPMS/metamail-2.7-28.s390.rpm HTTP/1.0" 404 1051 "-"
"Python-urllib/1.10" - - [05/Jan/2003:20:56:39 -0400] "GET
/s390/RedHat/RPMS/ucd-snmp-4.2.3- HTTP/1.0" 404 1051 "-"

I'll spend more time working on this maybe on the weekend...  Weeknights
are just too short when one has no idea what one is doing.


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