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I've never had to run genhdlist for a Red Hat Linux/390 install.  I always
used the ones that came from the Red Hat FTP server.

What does your HTTP logs have to say about the requests for packages that
"whizzed by?"  Were those 200 or 404 return codes?

Most of the time these problems have come up, one or more of the files in
the base directory have been corrupted during download, usually due to
transmission error of some kind.  There should be an MD5SUM file in that
directory so you can check them for correctness.  But, hdlist and hdlist2
were modified after the MD5SUM file was created, so you'll get an error for
those two.  The correct sums are:
da08ed9f6b3071fd6361e9eb1fc370f9  hdlist
31bbfea4b72c2e25b4c57f8226cd3ac5  hdlist2

Some of the mirrors at do have
the S/390 distribution.  Some of the ones that don't look like they do, do,
and some of the ones that say they do, don't, so you may have to look.  If
you put your mouse over the red button in the "S" column, check to see if
the link says "8.0/en/os/s390" or "7.2/en/os/390"  When RH 8.0 came out, the
mirrors page was updated blindly, and the S/390 version got changed from 7.2
to 8.0, even though 7.2 is the latest for S/390.

Mark Post

-----Original Message-----
From: Marco Shaw []
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 7:39 PM
Subject:  genhdlist issue?

(Sorry don't know how all of this is going to format.)

Have an RHN account and was able to d/l the s/390 RPMs much quicker that

I brought down the s390/base and s390/installer directories from the
regular RedHat FTP site.

So, my first attempt to install s390 took 12 minutes for 360 packages. 
I knew something was wrong because some packages whizzed right by.  Of
course I couldn't boot into RedHat/390 once complete.  Read a bit more
and figured that I would have to run genhdlist or at least I had no
other ideas on what I needed to fix.

Ran genhdlist on my RedHat 8.0 RPM server, but then retried the RH/390
install only to get an anaconda crash as it's trying to read the package
               | An unhandled exception has occured.  This   # ¦
               ¦ is most likely a bug.  Please copy the      ¦ ¦
               ¦ full text of this exception and file a      ¦ ¦
               ¦ detailed bug report against anaconda at     ¦ ¦
               ¦        ¦ ¦
               ¦                                             ¦ ¦
               ¦ Traceback (innermost last):                 ¦ ¦
               ¦   File "/usr/bin/anaconda", line 640, in ?  ¦ ¦
               ¦, dispatch, configFileData)  ¦ ¦
               ¦   File                                      ¦ ¦
               ¦ "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/t  ¦ ¦
               ¦", line 418, in run

Entering debug:

Graphical installation not available for http installs.  Starting text
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/usr/bin/anaconda", line 640, in ?, dispatch, configFileData)
  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/", line 418, in
  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/", line 144,
in gotoNext
  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/", line 209,
in moveStep
  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/", line 106,
in readPackages
  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/", line 39,
in readComps
  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/", line 795, in
__init__  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/", line
558, in readCompsFile
  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/", line 152, in

> /var/tmp/anaconda-7.2//usr/lib/anaconda/

I'm wondering if genhdlist and the hdlist file it creates are OS

My HTTP logs: - - [06/Jan/2003:20:22:13 -0400] "GET
/s390/RedHat/base/hdlist HTTP/1.0" 200 1129672 "-" "Python-urllib/1.10" - - [06/Jan/2003:20:22:24 -0400] "GET
/s390/RedHat/base/comps HTTP/1.0" 200 20665 "-" "Python-urllib/1.10"

Any ideas?  Did I go wrong with getting all the RPMS from RHN?  My DSL
connection is getting like 2kB/s from!


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