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I am installing this in an LPAR.
We have only 1 processor,  2 LPARs (1 for OS/390 and the other for Linux).
RedHat's kenel version: 2.4.9-17

Still clueless...


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Are you installing this under VM, or in an LPAR?  How many processors are
defined to the system?

Mark Post

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From: Maciej Ksiezycki []=20
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 2:23 AM
Subject: [Redhat-s390-list] Two problems

Hello everybody,

Could anyone help me resolve any of these two problems please ?

During the initial boot of RedHat 7.2 I get the following error:

Unable to handle kernel pointer dereference at virtual kernel address
Oops:   0010
Cpu:           0
Process ifconfig (pid 32, stackpage=3D3D009A5000)
Kernel PSW:   040c1000  8001bbf2        Not tainted

I am using OSA-2 network adapter and have already set MTU to 1492. It=20
didn't help much...
However, after the boot I can succesfully ssh to the machine and start the
installation process.
However, could anyone help me resolve the above mentioned problem ?
Where to look at and what to change ?

During RH 7.2 install (FTP to my local server) I get the following

Install: kernel-tape-2.4.9-17.s390.rpm
Warning: -i is obsolete and deprecated.
Warning: -m is deprecated; please use -F.

And after this message the system hangs.
Why does it hang and what is the cause ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Maciej Ksiezycki
Systems Programmer
Unizeto - Computing Centre

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