Re: Two (possibly related) issue w/ 4.18.x rpmbuild

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* Panu Matilainen:

> Most shared libraries are NOT executable, and should not be packaged
> as such. Which is why rpm automatically strips the executable flags
> from those deemed only shared libraries via brp-elfperms script after
> the install stage. glibc (ld*.so rather) being the special case of
> course.

Huh.  We need to install all shared objects as executable, otherwise
Linux security modules (e.g., SELinux with certain policies) will not
allow mapping them as PROT_EXEC, and nothing will work.

The ELF backend i binutils ld had a long-standing bug where it did not
set the ELF entrypoint to 0 on shared objects by default (marking them
as not directly executable).  This bug has been fixed.  However, the
kernel does not yet refuse to execute ELF shared objects which have no
ELF interpreter and entry point 0.  That bug remains to be fixed.

These are the issues that need to be fixed to avoid confusing crashes.
Removing the executable bit is not the right approach.


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