Two (possibly related) issue w/ 4.18.x rpmbuild

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Hi. I suspect these issues are with MY system and not RPM itself.
First observed with 4.18.0 but also present with 4.18.1

No earlier version was tried.

Linux From Scratch (LFS) 11.3 system I built at beginning of march and am RPM bootstrapping.
It's currently a very minimal system with just the LFS stuff plus cURL and it's dependencies (using GnuTLS) and RPM and it's dependencies.

x86_64 system but it's not multiarch (so I am setting %_lib to lib and %_libdir to /usr/lib)

Big issue: RPM removes the execution bit on shared object files. First package I built was glibc and of course installing the resulting RPM broke the system because the shared libraries were not executable.

I noticed when I add /bin/false at the end of the %install section - the installed library and object files have the execution bit - it's one of the post scriptlets leaving them non-exucatable.

Workaround is to explicitly set %attr(0755,root,root) on shared object files in the %files section but obviously I want to fix why this happens.

Interestingly it does NOT remove the execution bit from executable binaries, only shared objects (shared libraries and plugins)


Second issue - everything I build gives a warning of missing build-id.

So I suspect either there is an undocumented dependency I am missing, or a tool-chain compile-time option that wasn't used when compiling the toolchain.

Any ideas as to what is causing that?

elfutils is installed (0.188) with eu- prefix on the elfutils binaries.

Thank you for any suggestions.
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