Re: How to disable AutoReqProv on shebangs for a specific script file ?

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On 6/19/22 19:06, Jason Vas Dias wrote:
Good day -

   I am trying to develop a .spec file for an RPM that ships
   a template script that references a non-existent
   dependency in its she-bang line:

   '#!<some file that does not exist (yet)>'

   How to disable autoreqprov from including that
   non-existent file in %requires ?

   ie. the resultant RPM ends up with
    'Requires: <some file that does not exist (yet)>',
   simply because an executable script, not
   meant to be run by any code on the host,
   references it in its shebang line.
   I think changing the script to be
   not executable is not the correct
   answer here - now all scripts that
   depend on it being executable have
   to be modified to do a 'chmod +x'
   on it. This is not an acceptable
   workaround for RPM needlessly
   injecting an unwanted 'Requires'
   that I can't get rid of.

You can chmod -x the script in the spec to disable dependency generation on it, but still make it executable in the package with %attr(0755,-,-) (or such) in the %files section.

	- Panu -

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