How to disable AutoReqProv on shebangs for a specific script file ?

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Good day -

  I am trying to develop a .spec file for an RPM that ships
  a template script that references a non-existent
  dependency in its she-bang line:

  '#!<some file that does not exist (yet)>'

  How to disable autoreqprov from including that
  non-existent file in %requires ?

  ie. the resultant RPM ends up with
   'Requires: <some file that does not exist (yet)>',
  simply because an executable script, not
  meant to be run by any code on the host,
  references it in its shebang line.
  I think changing the script to be
  not executable is not the correct
  answer here - now all scripts that
  depend on it being executable have
  to be modified to do a 'chmod +x'
  on it. This is not an acceptable
  workaround for RPM needlessly
  injecting an unwanted 'Requires'
  that I can't get rid of.

  This is for a package that CAN produce an Android
  application, and that script WOULD be executed by
  such an application, on Android, but is in no
  way 'used by' any software running on the Linux
  host - there is a "template" Android install
  directory in shipped in /usr/share/${pkg}/Android/
  in which all file's permissions are correct for
  eventual execution on an Android platform .

  There ought to be some way of removing specific
  unwanted auto-injected Requires ! Is there ?

Thanks in advance for any replies,
Best Regards,
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