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Hi all,

I am trying to package an Apache module in such a way that it can be built across distributions.

The BuildRequires and Requires both work fine as follows:

BuildRequires: gcc, pkgconfig(apr-1), pkgconfig(apr-util-1), (httpd-devel or apache-devel or apache2-devel)
Requires: (httpd or apache or apache2)

My next problem is the %files section. The modules will be installed in one of two locations:

(%{_libdir}/apache2/mod_mymodule.so or %{_libdir}/httpd/modules/mod_mymodule.so)

Is there a syntax like Requires that can specify a file at location A or B or C?

Obviously the workaround is using %if to target certain macros on certain distros, but I've just had one of these macros arbitrarily disappear on a platform, so this is brittle and painful.

Is there a better way to do this?


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