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On 08/04/2018 08:40 PM, d tbsky wrote:
     i am trying to build a rpm which include some libraries.  these
libraries conflicts with distribution's rpms, so I want to exclude

   at first I " __provides_exclude" all the files with my rpm, then I
found the rpm need them itself when install.

   next  I tried to "__requires_exclude" all the files also. but then
some necessary external required libraries are skipped when install.

   finally I found what I really want is find out all the rpm
"provides" lists, then "__provides_exclude"  and  "__requires_exclude"
the lists.

  I search the email-list but can not find a similar marco for such
things. the suggestion years ago is manually find out the names and
exclude them.

I wonder with recent rpm, is it possible to write a macro, which will
"__find_provides" and the feed the list as regex to
"__provides_exclude" and "__provides_exclude"?

No, it doesn't work like that.

If you just want to disable all autogenerated dependencies on your package, don't bother messing with depgen excludes. Just add this to your spec:

AutoReqProv: no

If you do need more fine-grained then define a macro for the filter regex and use that with both __provides_exclude and __requires_exclude to avoid duplication. In some circumstances it's easier to filter by path instead, eg __provides_exclude_from (and same for requires). See for details.

	- Panu -

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