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In the kutils package, I have a fix along these lines. updatePackages is like update.packages, but it checks requirements and installs them. Problem it fixes is when package adds new dependency, but update.packages never notices. I think it may fix problem you describe, of we can fix. I'm unsure on how we did version checking, but think we could.

Paul Johnson
University of Kansas

On Apr 26, 2017 2:33 AM, "Julius Milan" <jmilan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

How can I check if my package has right minimal dependencies?
Lets say I have dependency on some library (libA), but while development nobody
checked the version requirements and added new code dependent on newer version of libA.

When user updates my package, troubles occurs due to bad requirement on libA, very easy to occur bug with very sad user faces. :)
(Exactly explained here:

My question is, how can I check if my version requirements are right?
I couldn't find easy answer myself.

Thanks & Best Regards
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