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I have two RPMs, one which is dependent on a library installed by the other.

Both are 64bit Intel binaries/libraries, and it works just fine if I turn off dependency checking (--nodeps).

Obviously this is not something I want as using –nodeps will also cause an invalid installation if the dependent RPM isn’t there.


rpmA is the full package necessary to execute the command included in rpmA

rpmB is a debug package, containing a debug (non-stripped) version of the binary and non-stripped shared library.

rpmA installs an additional shared library – stripped – that rpmB also needs.  It is this shared library that causes the dependency failure when installing rpmB


[root@heymaj1-test build]# rpm -q --provides rpmA


rpmA =

rpmA(x86-64) =

[root@heymaj1-test build]# rpm -U --test rpmB.x86_64.rpm

error: Failed dependencies:

       is needed by rpmB.x86_64


The library is installed correctly in /opt/emc/productname/lib

Does that need to be /opt/emc/productname/lib64?



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