pass "%global" definitions to mock?

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i want to rebuild IUS PHP SRPMs with mock. in the spec file is a "%global php_bootstrap 0" definition. how can i pass a different value for "php_bootstrap" to the mock build process? i tried the following:

mock --rebuild --define="php_bootstrap 1" php56u-5.6.20-1.ius.el7.src.rpm

mock --rebuild --define="global php_bootstrap 1" php56u-5.6.20-1.ius.el7.src.rpm

mock --rebuild php56u-5.6.20-1.ius.el7.src.rpm -r ./test.cfg
test.cfg contains "config_opts['macros']['php_bootstrap'] = "1""

mock --rebuild php56u-5.6.20-1.ius.el7.src.rpm --macro-file=my-macro.txt
my-macro.txt contains "%global php_bootstrap   1"

none of these worked

thx 4 advice

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