Re: Timing problem with '%buildsubdir'

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It's because the way how parsePrep() is implemented. First it reads all lines
in %prep section (parsePrep.c:545,555) during this process all macros are
expanded and then it looks for %setup in these read lines (parsePrep.c:557,569)
and if it finds it, function doSetup() is executed. So doSetup() is executed
and macro %buildsubdir is defined after all macros in %prep section are 

So I think that it behaves as it behaves only because the way how it is
implemented. I don't think that there is some rule that the macro %buildsubdir 
shouldn't be defined in %prep section.


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> Subject: Timing problem with '%buildsubdir'
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> Why is macro '%buildsubdir' not available in section '%prep'?
> According to the comment in 'macros[.in]', '%buildsubdir' is "set
> after processing %setup", but there seems to be a timing problem in
> setting and resolving this particular item.
>    %prep
>    %setup -c
>    %{echo:<<<PREP:%buildsubdir>>>}
> produces "<<<PREP:%buildsubdir>>>, i.e., the macro is _not_ set at
> this point, while a later
>    %build
>    %{echo:<<<BUILD:%buildsubdir>>>}
> produces the expected <<<BUILD:sgb-20090810>>>. (Using
> '' as example.)
> Internally, 'doSetupMacro()' uses 'spec->buildSubdir' for referencing
> the project building area, and calls 'addMacro(...,"buildsubdir",...)'
> on the way.
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