Re: rpmbuild, environment modules and zsh

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On 12-09-2014 22:12, Mike Miller wrote:

Hi Fabricio, I have also run into this problem when building
modules-based rpms when the user shell is zsh or (sadly) tcsh.

Hi Mike.

I think the reason why the module command works when your shell is bash
is because bash is the only shell that supports exporting shell
functions (export -f). In all other shells, the module command is a
shell function or alias, but can't be exported through the environment
to subshells. Since /etc/profile.d/ is only loaded in
interactive shells, it isn't loaded by the rpm build shell scriptlets
for example.

I see, but wouldn't the 'module' function be exported when rpmbuild enters the '%build' section of the spec file ?

The only solution I've found is to start an interactive bash shell
before rpmbuild, or source the file as you've done.

Is there a way to overload '%build' so that it sources the needeed scripts automatically ?

[ ]'s
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