rpmbuild, environment modules and zsh

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Hi there

When packaging a software, i usually use environment modules [ http://modules.sourceforge.net/ ] to configure things like compilers, libraries and etc.

It all used to work fine when my user account used bash as shell, but since I've changed to zsh, I always have to explicitly run 'source /etc/profile.d/modules.sh' after '%build' so that the 'module' command will work ok. I even explicitly set '%__build_shell' to '/bin/bash' , but it did not help.

I'm using :

- centos 6.5 x86_64
- rpm-build 4.8.0-37
- environment-modules 3.2.10-1
- zsh 4.3.10-7

Does anybody have a clue of what happened when I switched from bash to zsh ?

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