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Contrariwise, I think #2 is an elegant solution, thanks!

I am wondering why the developers of RPM didn't apply the mechanism used by Solaris packaging that allows you to dynamically set file location based on target system environment.


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off top of my head i've got 2 methods....

1: Symlinking.  Put the war in a common space, like /usr/share/<app>/app.war and symlink based on the installed app (i don't think this is as pretty and requires potentially ugly logic)

2: Subpackaging.  Do a subpackage for each of the web servers that drops the package in their known directory pathing. (i guess you could argue there is some ugliness to this too)


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I want to create an RPM that installs some .war file in a web server deploy directory.

My problem is that on the target server there can be a Jboss or Tomcat, and for each the directory where I should put the war file in different.

Is there a way to do this, without coping the file in the %post?



Eran Ben-Natan | R&D Infrastructure


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