Re: Intel 845G Chipset Integrated SOUND-CARD SoundMAX AD1981 - A known Driver issue

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I have the same problem

PCNerve <khans5@xxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:
Brothers & Sisters of List, Hi!

Goodmorning to everyone!

I have installed Redhat Linux 7.1 with "Personal Desktop" pre-defined
packages & auto-partition method.

My computer specs:

P4 / 2.4 Ghz
Motherboard - Intel 845G Chipset with integrated sound, video & LAN
Sound - integrated SoundMAX AD1981G
Video - Intel Extreme Graphics
LAN Card - Intel (R) Pro / 100 VE

All devices are probbed automatically & drivers installed. Everything
working fine except for sound card. I can go online with high speed dsl
connection shared through my Linksys Router.

Soundcard driver is not coreect as Linux has installed ! Intel 810
chipset's sound driver which is not correct. I tried to fix it using
following :
[] redhat-config-soundcard (but it doesn't help)
[] sndconfig

I tired "sndconfig" utility with every available soundcard in the list
with different IRQs & DMAs ports addrs configurations, but all don't seem
to work at all. I did even google many times, but could not find any
solution of this known issue, as Redhat does not support this chipset

Yes, I know changing sound-card with supported one will definitely work -
but that's the option not the solution. If any one can help please, any
help to resolve the issue will be highly appreciated.


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