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I have a problem installing the emu10k1 stuff.  I got it from cvs (latest source) and read the instructions in the ./doc/redme file.  it says you should be able to do a make and if the right kernel is reported, do a make again, and then make install.  change the modules-info file.. etc.

so i did  a make and got an error message.

/lib/modules/linux-2.4.18-24.8.0/build... no such file or directory... or could not be found etc.
i expect that to use emu10k1 you have to have kernal source at hand.

so i looked in /lib/modules and found a few dirs in there.  some were.

This is because i did a fresh install of red hat 8 from the CDS which contained the kernal 2.4.18-14, and then i installed the erata for the kernal 2.4.18-24.8.0.  So it is not surprising that there are dirs for both of them here.

however going into the 2.4.18-24.8.0 dir, i find a number of things, amung them a sym link called build which has no target (blinking on a red background).  i then went into the dir linux-2.4.18-14 to find a sym link called build that did have a target.... at /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-14

so i went to /usr/src and i did find a few dirs in there, 
linux-2.4 (this is a sym link to something, i did not check)

but did not find a dir for linux-2.4.18-24.8.0.  that is, the source for the new kernal did not seem to get installed.  Why is this?

I then went to the SRPMS that i got from the redhat updates site and found the sources for the kernal 2.4.18-24.8.0
there were a few rpms, one with the kernal, one with kernal-utils.  so i installed these kernal sources.  but nothing seemed to happen to the /usr/src dir.  that is, no dir appeared for 2.4.18-24.8.0.  Why is this?  where did the rpm put that source i installed.  the rpm install seemed to work fine at the time.
when running rpm -ivv to get a more verbose output, i saw references to /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
so i went to that dir and still could not find anything related to 2.4.18-24.8.0

i then went back to /lib/modules/ and created a sym link called linux-2.4.18-24.8.0 linking to the /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES dir on the off chance that emu10k1 would then find what it needed.

on going back to emu10k1 dir i did a make and got a similar message.  i think it searched in the SOURCES dir but still could not find what it needed.  it reported that i needed to do a make configure on the SOURCES dir.  doing this did nothing of cource because the /usr/src/redhat/SOSOURCES dir did not have anything to configure.  there were a lot of sources in there though.

i then removed the symlink i created in /lib/modules.

after all this, going back to /usr/src i found that the linux-2.4 symlink was broken.  i linked it back to the linux-2.4.18-14 dir that is in /lib/modules/ .. hope this was the right thing to do?  i think that this is what it linked to origionally, but i am not sure.

Anyway.  how can i get the 2.4.18-24.8.0 source in the right place?  how can i install emu10k1 properly?

should i boot with the old kernal  and then install it with that and then boot to the new kernal and link the module in?  not sure this will work since i think you need the kernel source.

any help would be apreciated.  hope i have not done anything bad to the system.  If anyone can see where i have gone wrong with symlinks etc or what i can do to restore things... please let me know.


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