Re: [Sound] Audigy 2 confirmation needed.

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I have read where the latest sources support
the Audigy 2 card. Yet, I have not been able
to get them to work. And, I only have a few
months of linux under my belt too.

After hours of compiling and configuring the kernel,
nothing I have done worked. I hope you have better
luck than I had. I ended up just forgetting about it and moved to windows.
Of course, I will try again when they release more drivers.

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Subject: [Sound] Audigy 2 confirmation needed.

> All.
> Just looking for some confirmation that this supports audigy 2 as well.
> I downloaded what i think is the latest drivers from cvs to support the
audigy cards with the following command.
> cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/emu10k1 login
> pressing enter for the password and then
> cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/emu10k1 co
> After this, I got a package with a lot of stuff.  in the docs dir in
readme it says.
> Card support
> - Creative Sound Blaster Live! (all models)
> - Creative Sound Blaster PCI 512
> - Creative Audigy
> I would like to confirm with someone that this actually also supports the
audigy 2 card.
> Mat.
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