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Tks for your answer, I have downloaded icecast , also uwere saying that the encoder comes with rh 8.0 ogg vorbis how would i get to it ??

As i said i did download icecast but something does not seem to go right , i did go thru the readme as u can see down below but it gets stuck at the configure bcos simply it does not exist . Do u see where is the issue ??


It is known to build on linux and win32, and should be easily ported to other
unix platforms (we expect this will require some autoconf work, though).

  make install

To build and install this release.

Documentation is mostly missing at this point. The example config file should
explain most of the features available (but note that the directory services
are not yet available).

On Llu, 2003-04-21 at 13:20, mourad mourad wrote:
I know that under windows a media server could take care of it. i dont know wether under linux I could do the same , Ie : when a live conference takes place .. and if someone whises to listen to it he/she would connect thru a client player like winamp for exple key in the IP and the port IP:port thru which the server is broadcasting this audio and would connect right away..

You just need suitable encoders (eg ogg vorbis which is included with Red Hat) and a streaming ogg server (eg icecast2). You can do the same with mp3 but you may have to pay large patent licensing fees in some locations (notably the USA) to do so.

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