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Cool! It's working now. I have two CDs; only one is "physically" connected to the sound card. That one works just fine.

Thanks again for your support. Next step is to install my web cam. I'm crossing my fingers...


alias audio off

robertmcclure@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 06:50:12PM -0400, Djurdjura H. wrote:
notting@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Djurdjura H. (djurdjura02@xxxxxxxxxxxx) said: 

Ok. Now I can hear radio over realplayer, system sounds, but still can't 
hear the CD player :-(

a) input for CD is muted

No. gnome-volume shows nothing muted (or set to 0).

b) cd player isn't connected to your sound card

No. Under WinXP it works just fine (did also check it just to make sure :-)

WinXP rips the audio from the data cable.  No Linux apps that I know
of do that.  You need the audio cable from the CD to the sound card.


Thanks Bill for your support. Really appreciated.


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