[Sound] gnome-volume-control problem

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I don't know if this is a Gnome issue or a Red Hat issue.  Please
forgive me if it's the former.

I just performed a fresh install of RH 8.  The install went generally
well except for a couple of minor hiccups which I was able to remedy.

Except for one thing.  My mixer doesn't seem to work correctly.

I am trying to get my microphone to work but the mixer,
gnome-volume-control these days, won't allow me to select microphone  as
my recording object.  Matter of fact, the only device that I *can*
select as recording object is "line".  None of the other objects that
have a "Rec." checkbox will allow it.  Just "Line".

The checkboxes are available; they're not greyed out.  But after
selecting one (except for "Line") and closing, it isn't checked upon
reopening.  And without being able to select the Rec. checkbox for
"mic", my microphone won't function.

It was working fine yesterday under Red Hat 7.3.  When I boot over to my
Windows partition it works fine there too so I know that the sound card
and microphone both work.

The audio card is an Ensoniq ES1371.  It plays audio just fine.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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