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1. I presume you are using alsa for sound, not OSS.

2. I presume you unmuted and set alsa settings after you installed alsa.

3. I presume you stored your alsa settings before shutting down, i.e.,

/usr/sbin/alsactl store

Did you get any messages here?

4. I presume you have a file called /etc/asound.state (which stores your
alsa settings from "/usr/sbin/alsactl store").

Do you get any messages if you run

/usr/sbin alsactl restore"?


Robert Golovniov wrote:

>Hello sound-list,
>  When shutting down my machine, I get the message that alsctl Failed.
>  I understand it has to do with Alsa. How can I configure it so as to
>  avoid  any  error messages? (I have no problems running Alsa Player,
>  but could not configure MPlayer to use Alsa output.)

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