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I'm running RedHat 7.3, with a motherboard with an onboard VIA sound chip.
I'm running the rc4 alsa drivers, snd-via82xx module.  I'm using KDE as my
window manager.

artsD runs fine.  mp3s, oggs, wavs, all play fine, as do movie files in
mpeglib and noatun.  However, shockwave flash viewed in mozilla with the
netscape plugin (I haven't managed to get the plugin to work at all in
Konqueror) results in no sound.  When I view the same flash at work
(Solaris 8 workstation, netscape, default Solaris 8 sound) it plays

The plugin appears to be configured correctly, and it plays the visual
component of the flash perfectly fine.  Plugins are configured to pipe
sound into arts via artsdsp, which may be an issue, but unchecking that
option fails to solve the problem.  Any idea what might be causing this?


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