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check a few threads up, I had the same problem... Look at the website, there is a tutorial for installing ALSA on RH8


Alan Cox wrote:
On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 12:04, Brian Schmidt wrote:
I recently upgraded my computer and am now running with a Gigabyte
GA-7VAXP motherboard.  It uses the AC97 Realtek ALC650 on-board sound. Red
Hat's detection thinks it's a VIA VT8233 device and wants to set it up as
such using via82cxxx_audio.  However, this doesn't work.

The Red Hat detection is sort of right. The ALC650 is the D/A convertor
side. The PCI side is VIA audio. However the driver doesnt support
8233/8235. I've fixed this very recently but Red Hat have yet to release
a kernel with this support.

My sister has this same motherboard and when I set up Red Hat on her
system, I just went ahead and used ALSA and it worked just fine and
actually seems to sound better than my previous SoundBlaster Live! using
OSS.  However, I have a couple of games that will only work with OSS, so I
would like to have that working. Any ideas?  Experiences with this audio
device?  I'm fairly new to having to tweak anything sound-related, since
I'd always had a SoundBlaster card in the past which Just Worked.

ALSA supports the 8233/8235 yes.

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