Re: Re: problems with AdLib on RH7.3

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Bill Nottingham wrote:

> It opens /proc/isapnp, calls the kernel isapnp code to auto configure
> the card, reads the values that the kernel sets, and writes those to
> modules.conf. It's a crutch for cards without ISAPnP support integrated
> into the driver.

OK, that figures. The only problem was that the auto-config values 
were wrong (autoconfig was setting both irq and mpuirq to 5).

Any explanation for the following?

> Now I get a "Loading sound module (CS4232)  [FAILED]" message at
> startup, and the modules are not loaded. But when I start Realplayer,
> the modules are loaded, interrupts assigned as per modules.conf (vide
> /proc/interrupts) and I can hear sound normally.


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