Re: FireWire HDD problem

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  For what it's worth,  a web search turned up:


> I have a Bencent 3.5" FireWire HDD. I also have a TI's TSB43ab22 iOHCI PCI 
> card with a PCI-PCI bridge interface.
> When i plug the HDD into the card in my Pentium 4, i recieve the following 
> errors:
> 1.	Configrom Quadlet read error.
> 2.	Login time out. i.e my system is not able to log into the HDD. though the 
> HDD is working perfectly fine on windows.
> Does anybody has any solution to it. I tried the same HDD with my NetBSD 
> system, over there also the same problem exists, the device after writing the 
> LOGIN ORB does not respond.

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