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well I got a 3.06ghz ht cpu, and redhat 9 with the latest kernel simply
keeps saying I got only 1 CPU.. no 2 (virtual ones).... it installed the smp
kernel though.. so I guess at least it detected it during installation.

windows xp on the same machine has no problems whatsoever detecting and
using both virtual cpus, tried different bioses etc.. but no worky :(


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On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 12:16, James Olin Oden wrote:
> I think 2.4.18 of the linux kernel and beyond do so, and specifically 
> RH 9 supports hyper threading right out of the box.  I have been using 
> it on some boxes supporting hyperthreading without any issues since 
> the RH 9 beta came out (phoebe).

It works with Red Hat 7.3 too.

The only problem is on biprocessor HT boxes, if you launch two processes
that take 100% CPU, the kernel might schedule both of them on the same
physical processor which gives horrible and unpredictable performance for
the box.

On one HT processor, both processes will be on the
same physical processor (no choice :), but scheduling
will be very unfair, assuming same total computation time,
one will finish much earlier than the other.

I don't know if these two problems are solved with more recent kernels,
information anyone?


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