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I tend not to trust people who can't spell, because md5sums of their
thoughts and their deeds are not matching.
Jokes aside, let me restate my question and explain that I'm fully aware
what rawhide is, and that you may want to go patronize newbies in
I merely wanted to state that exec-shield is causing problems, so that
other people testing rawhide don't have to spend too much time before they
just disable it globally. It's a devel-list so I thought that there may be
some people running "bleeding-edge" (although I'm not considering rawhide
to be so "bleeding edge", just a step ahead of the masses).
I merely stated that due to grub-install's behavior with exec-shield
enabled (segfaulting), the boot loader got messed up on one of my test
boxes (which I fixed 2 minutes later), not that I was requiring your input
on what I should or should not run. Besides that, exec-shield is enabled
in the kernel used by rawhide per default these days.
I just wanted to point out that there are still many programs that crash
or misbehave when exec-shield is enabled.
The question at the end of the message, should not be asked in here
"judging your level of expertise by this email".

Best regards,
Adam Polkosnik

> Honestly, judging your level of expertise by this email i would advice
> not running rawhide or exec-shield. It's not 'blessed' software, nor is
> it 'known to work'. It's not even 'beta' software! It's not called
> 'bleeding-edge' for nothing ;-)
> If you read the docs & anouncements for exec-shield, you'll notice it's
> possible to set a per-file flag for non-exec shield as well (w/ lsattr,
> chattr). It would be posible to disable exec-shield protection on those
> progs that crash without disableling it system-wide
> Adam Polkosnik wrote:
>> I've noticed that there are still a few programs that crash when
>> exec-shield is enabled ( I'm running the latest rawhide).
>> i.e. grub-install crashes rendering system unbootable.
>> Is there an easy way to fix it other than `echo 0
>> >/proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield` ?

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