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Honestly, judging your level of expertise by this email i would advice not running rawhide or exec-shield. It's not 'blessed' software, nor is it 'known to work'. It's not even 'beta' software! It's not called 'bleeding-edge' for nothing ;-)

If you read the docs & anouncements for exec-shield, you'll notice it's possible to set a per-file flag for non-exec shield as well (w/ lsattr, chattr). It would be posible to disable exec-shield protection on those progs that crash without disableling it system-wide

Adam Polkosnik wrote:

I've noticed that there are still a few programs that crash when exec-shield is enabled ( I'm running the latest rawhide).
i.e. grub-install crashes rendering system unbootable.
Is there an easy way to fix it other than `echo 0 >/proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield` ?

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