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On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Ajay Bansal wrote:

> Did not get any ans.. May be over here I'll get something
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> From: Ajay Bansal 
> Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 12:23 PM
> To: 'redhat-list@xxxxxxxxxx'
> Hi All
> I have following questions
> 1. I have installed RH 7.3 (Enterprise edition). But initially I did not
EE ??!
Never heard of it.
> installed teh source code. Now out of 3 cd's where should I look for the
> source and which RPM? 
3, 4 and 5.

> 2. I want to develop a autmoted regression harnes suit for my
> application. I wan that the end tester should be able to
>     1. remotely (say from his windows machine) install/configure Linux
> server on a machine(if it already exists, it should be formatted first &
> then new OS should be installed with some specific feature)

The likelihood of anyone installing Linux remotely from a Windows
machine is fairly low.

You need to get your hands on the Linux machine, if only to boot it.

>     2. install the product remptely (we can do thru rsh, bt we need to
> do some setting on the OS before rsh is enabled. How to do those
> settiong remotely??

If you have any thought of _me_ opening RSH on one of my machines, wash
your mind out. Won't happen.

If you suggest it, I will figure you don't know what you're doing and
take my business elsewhere.

> I belive 1st is an easy one. second may take some time.
> Thanks.. 
> Ajay
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