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My mail server is behaving strangely.. :(..  

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"Ajay Bansal" <Ajay_Bansal@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Did not get any ans.. May be over here I'll get something

If the date below is right, you didn't wait very long.  It's Thursday,
April 10, 9:30 AM EDT here.

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> From: Ajay Bansal
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> Hi All
> I have following questions
> 1. I have installed RH 7.3 (Enterprise edition). But initially I did 
> not installed teh source code. Now out of 3 cd's where should I look 
> for the source and which RPM?

Source to what?  Every package (except for bundled commercial software)
has an associated source RPM (.src.rpm).  I believe they're on the last
two CDs.
Source RPMS have everything necessary to rebuild RPMS from scratch.  If
you want kernel source, there's no need to install the kernel .src.rpm,
just install the kernel-source RPM.  This contains just the kernel
source code without all the stuff for building a kernel RPM.

> 2. I want to develop a autmoted regression harnes suit for my 
> application. I wan that the end tester should be able to
>     1. remotely (say from his windows machine) install/configure Linux

> server on a machine(if it already exists, it should be formatted first

> & then new OS should be installed with some specific feature)
>     2. install the product remptely (we can do thru rsh, bt we need to

> do some setting on the OS before rsh is enabled. How to do those 
> settiong remotely??

Look into kickstart which can be used for fully scriptable
For a fully remote install, you could use a NIC with PXE or an etherboot
or grub floppy to boot kickstart remotely.  You might want to look into
user-mode Linux too.

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