"make menuconfig" problems in RH8.0

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Hi everibody in the list...

Well I'have tried what many of you have suggested me, but still, the text structure is corrupted in menuconfig.

* First I tried this:
LANG=C make menuconfig
same as always....not a single change

* then I tried, working with the fonts....I followed Rob idea:

A colleague claimed it could be circumvented by adjusting your fonts. Try
doing a setfont alt-8x8 and then make menuconfig see if the problem goes

>Nop...this ease the problem since working with 8x8 font, make the screen area for text much bigger and menuconfig can place text in a sigle line, thus we have better

Then rob suggested about rawhide:

If you Run rawhide switching back between text consoles using a non-default
setfont and X the text console will get all confused but I have a feeling
that is probably the X server's fault but who knows...

> Sorry my ignorance, but I'don't exaclty know waht rawhide is...so is search for it in RH site and found a FTP address...rawhide caontains all the package in RH8...so what should I do...reinstall ? no..I don't think is that way.....

What I really think the poroblem is, is how lionux report to ncurses the proper size (widht and height) of the console....for instance, I'dont have a problem with midnight commander, that means it's accurately reading W&H form ...somewhere I don't know.

Thank you all and best regards...

Sergio Gonzalez

Ing. Sergio Alejandro Gonzalez
e-mail : sagonzal@fi.mdp.edu.ar
Facultad de Ingeniería - Laboratorio de Instrumentación y Control Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
Ave. Juan B. Justo 4302
Mar del Plata, Bs.As.
Zip B7608FDQ
Tel. +54(223) 481-6600 ext.254
Fax.+54(223) 481-0054

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