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I can't argue with your points except to say I think there are times it is appropriate to say (nicely) RTFM. You aren't really helping anyone if you answer a question that clearly is so facile that the user could have *quickly* looked it up themselves. Looking it up is often more helpful to the learning process than actually being given the answer.

There is a large difference between the question:

What is the option to RPM to get the list of files in an RPM?


When doing a build of an RPM I can't seem to figure
out why my scriptlets aren't getting pulled in correctly,
is there a way to debug this?

One shows clear lazyness, the other an honest lack of knowledge.

Right now it doesn't matter if there are a few lazy questions, but if the use goes up, these won't seem quite so benign. Again, I'm suggesting that this be done *nicely*.

I admit I do find it a little frustrating when someone gives a short question like:

I linked my C program and it core dumped. Why?

It really seems as if they want you to do their work for them...

- Matt

wo shi ni baba wrote:
In my opinion, no stupid&useless&flamy satires should be directed to a question no matter how naive the question is. Give me a break, we all started from a beginner some point in our lives.
If you ever think that you are too professional to answer a stupid question, then shut up and let other people answer it, why even bother to waste your valuable time to send some satires to the person(unless you are really bored and have nothing better to do???)

Here's what I think how questions should be handled:

1.In the case the question is posted to the wrong forum, politely direct the inquirer to the correct forum.
2.In the case the question lacks a title, politely tells the person that he/she should put an appropriate title next time.

3. in the case the question seems ambiguous, try your best to figure out what the person is asking, or ask the person to rephrase. Do not through any stupid comments out.

I have to restate something I said again for all of you comrades:

Don't make us techines/software engineers look $bad$ than it ALREADY seems. BE OPEN AND HELPFUL to other people, especially the people who are not technical enough. After all, if he/she is professional enough to read the manuals, he/she can solve all the problems in theory, why do we need a forum then?

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