Sound problem on first handsfree_audio_gateway configuration

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My last message was never sent to the list, maybe because of attached files. So i'm sending again my question with some updates

I'm working on Debian 12.2 with Pulse audio version 16.1

I have an Android device connected in Bluetooth to a Debian. On the Debian, the bluez_card is seend with "pactl list card"

I switch the interface to handsfree_audio_gateway profil. Then, making a call from the Android makes a horrible bip/scratch/noisy sound.I stop the call, then the interface goes to "profile off". Setting again the interface to handsfree_audio_gateway and making a call: this time the sound is clear and good!
The problem is 100% reproducible. All the time, on first call after a new BT connection, the sound is not working. Stopping the call and setting profile to handsfree_audio_gateway makes it work.

Note: I just see that, after new connection, when setting profile to HFP, the bluetooth.codec is "CVSD", and "mSBC". after second "set profile"
Maybe it can explain things?! How to make it always use mSBC?

Trying to switch from CVSD to mSBC is not possible when handsfree_audio_gateway is selected:
Trying pactl send-message /card/bluez_card.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX/bluez switch-codec '"mSBC"' return an error: Send message failed; invalid parameter
The pa trace display: Switching codecs only allowed for A2DP sink or source

How can I have my device use "mSBC" by default when selecting handsfree_audio_gateway? Or how to change it after selection?

Thank you

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