Re: Crackling Audio in Pulseaudio RTP Stream

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On 18/02/2023 20:44, NicoHood wrote:
Hey Guys,
I am using pulseaudio for years now, but since Version 14, maybe 15 there is a crackling in the rtp
stream. I've setup RTP just with paprefs, enable the sender and local receiver on a separate audio

I know that I am reporting this really late and the bug is there for some years now. I hoped this
gets eventually fixed, but it did not. I am using the latest archlinux pulseaudio.

Are you guys aware of the issue, does it also happen to you? It is just a tiny crackling, but you
can hear in on good audio boxes. It sound a bit like the vinyl sound, just not so often. You can
hear it on the sender via loopback and on all other receivers as well.

I had a similar (maybe the same?) problem - soft crackling and hissing, almost like old vinyl,
sometimes also like a clipping sound effect.

Mine was a bug that was resolved in recent versions of pulseaudio, and with the latest pulseaudio
version that is shipped with my distribution (Debian), the problem is gone ("pulseaudio --version"
shows "pulseaudio 16.1").

The most frustrating part was that it almost seemed as nobody else was hitting this problem, because
I could not manage to find anything on google. For a long time I also suspected something related to
rtp streaming and/or resampling, but in the end, it was this bug... and as if to proof what I just
said ... I cannot find the bug report for it right now ... if I find it, I will amend it to this
email string...




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