problem with module-role-ducking, ducked stream occasionally unmutes / switches / breaks through

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I am running Kodi on an old netbook to listen to http streamed radio from the internet. I also use
shairport-sync to cast audio from Apple devices to the same netbook. I use module-role-ducking to
mute the internet radio when a stream from shairport-sync comes in, this is my logic:

load-module module-role-ducking volume=0 trigger_roles=ShairportRole,stream ducking_roles=KodiRole
PULSE_PROP='media.role=ShairportRole' /usr/bin/shairport-sync -uv
PULSE_PROP='media.role=KodiRole' /usr/bin/kodi

This all works fine and as expected EXCEPT that occasionally (maybe once a minute) the ducked stream
from Kodi "breaks through" (I do not know a better word) - meaning that I can hear a short
(subsecond) "fragment" of the Kodi stream INSTEAD of the shairport-sync stream.

I am not sure how this can be solved most effectively; maybe it is even better to debug this on the
shairport-sync side of things? Maybe there are better ways to mute a stream than ducking?

Thanks & kind regards.

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